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Whether they are called anti-glare boards, anti-glare screens, or anti-dazzle boards, they shield the driver's eyes from oncoming traffic's headlights. The central guardrail and central barrier (cement barrier and steel guardrail) are frequently used in tandem with it. It is intended to address the problem of headlight glare, which can seriously impair driver vision and result in accidents. This is especially true on the highways and the governments of different regions opt for good anti glare screen manufacturer in India.

Highway anti-glare screens can enhance the aesthetics of the road while simultaneously enhancing driving safety. Anti-glare screens are available in a variety of heights and widths to meet site needs. These anti-glare screens' reflective strip also aids in recognizing the traffic pattern. Highway anti-glare panels are essential where speeds are often above 80 km/h because they shield opposing drivers' eyes from the glare of approaching headlights.

The use of and installation of anti-glare screens on roadways is primarily motivated by the presence of dangerously abrupt curves, accidents that occur at dark and at night, and unsuitable topography. As the drivers on the highways depend on these anti- glare screens installed on these roads, you need to be extra careful while choosing a good anti glare screen supplier in India. India is infamous for the large number of accidents that occur on the highways. With large vehicles like trucks, tankers etc. plying on these roads the intensity of the accident is also more causing regrettable loss of life and limb.

Even if you have not driven on the highway and simply have been a passenger, you will understand how blinding the glare from oncoming vehicles’ headlights can be. Although the highway department tries to educate the drivers on the best practice of not using bright headlights on the highways, some people just don’t listen. There is a facility to dip the headlights, but most of the drivers will go full blast with the headlights.

A sturdy blown plate made of low pressure, high molecular weight polymer that is painted with a stain that won't fade and is UV radiation resistant serves as the primary structural component. Usually the plates are painted a green colour because this colour is in the middle of the spectrum and is soothing to the eyes. This is the reason that good anti glare screen dealers in India create anti-glare screens in this colour.

Let us look at the advantages of anti-glare screens on highways

  • Increased traffic safety as a result of glare shielding, including in overtaking situations
  • High safety after crashing into a safety guard
  • The ability to conduct rescue operations anywhere and move a litter via gaps or obstructions
  • A limitless field of vision while moving along the anti-glare panels
  • A range of possibilities for the height and attachment of the barrier
  • Installation of the construction is simple and swift

Along with the anti-glare screens even noise dampeners are being installed on the highways and the busy roads in large cities. Even though several bodies including the government are actively spreading the drivers of our country still need a way to go before they understand the importance of low glare and noise on busy roads.