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Alcolite is one name that stands out among speed breaker manufacturer in India. Alcolite has become a reputable and trusted brand because of its extensive knowledge and experience in the field. They are unmatched in their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Alcolite provides two types of speed breakers that correspond to international norms and regulations as the leading speed breaker manufacturer in India. Our breakers are precisely prepared with high-quality components to ensure longevity and effective performance on the roads.

Our products are easily accessible to customers across India because of their robust distribution network. With Alcolite's speedbreaker, you can be sure to create distinct speedbreakers that support everyone's efficiency and safety.

So, if you're on the lookout for top-notch speed breakers, then look no further. Our company is here to make your roads safer and more secure. We understand the importance of implementing effective traffic calming measures, and our range of speed breakers does just that.

Whether you need speed breakers for residential areas, school zones, or high-traffic commercial areas, we've got you covered. Our team of experts will ensure that you receive durable and well-designed speed breakers that are up to industry standards.

Let's first clarify what Speed Breakers are and their significance.

You know those annoying little bumps on the road that slow down your car and give you a jolt? Yeah, those are called speed breakers, and believe it or not, they actually serve an important purpose. Speed breakers are designed to control the speed of vehicles and ensure everyone's safety on the roads.

They force drivers to slow down and be more cautious while driving, especially in areas where there may be pedestrians crossing or schools nearby. These sneaky little bumps also prevent accidents by reducing the chances of collisions at high speeds.

From a practical standpoint, speed breakers help regulate traffic flow and discourage reckless driving behavior.

So next time you're cruising along the streets cursing under your breath because of yet another bump in the road, just remember that they exist for a reason—to protect us all on our daily journeys from point A to point B.

Speed Breaker Features and Benefits:

  • A modular product that is of industry-standard quality and affordability.
  • Low maintenance and simple to install.
  • The modular layout has a beautiful appeal.
  • End-caps on a heavy-duty speed bump give it a fully smooth appearance.
  • UV light, oil, moisture, and temperature resistance, as well as being robust enough to withstand severe traffic.
  • A product that is perfectly designed has no cracks, rust, corrosion, or need for repainting.
  • Rubber and plastic both serve as foundation materials and improve traction.
  • After installation, it allows for easy traffic movement.

Types of Speed breakers we have

To ensure road safety, we (Alcolite) provide two different varieties of speed breakers for you. And these are:-

  • Plastic Speed Breaker
  • Rubber Speed Breaker

So, let's talk about plastic and rubber speed breakers—those bumpy little things we encounter on the road.

Firstly, plastic speed breakers are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or thermoplastic materials. They are lightweight yet durable, making them easy to transport and install.

On the other hand, rubber speed breakers are typically manufactured using recycled tires and mixed with other compounds to enhance strength and flexibility.

Both types of speed breakers serve the same purpose: to slow down vehicles in order to ensure safety on the roads. Plastic ones usually have a yellow color for better visibility, while rubber ones offer more versatility in terms of colors and sizes available. These speed breakers ensure traffic calming in residential areas or zones with pedestrian crossings, reducing accidents caused by speeding vehicles.

Conveniently enough, both options are low-maintenance and weather-resistant, making them reliable additions to any road infrastructure project.


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