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Alcolite - Omega

ALCOLITE OMEGA Thermoplastic Road Marking paint is manufactured in full compliance to British Standards(BS) Specifications, 3262:Part 1/ 1989. . It is designed to meet the quality of requirement given by British Standards(BS) . Alcolite omega thermoplastic road marking paint is ideal surface marking material that could be used on any kind of road surface to delineate traffic lines. This product is developed for uses on prestigious roads like expressways, elevated roads, black spots, low visibility roads, national highways, state highways & other road projects.


  • Conforms to the British Standards(BS) Specifications, 3262:Part 1/ 1989.
  • Highest Luminance.
  • Warranted by us as per British Standards(BS) Specification.
  • Designed for tropical Indian conditions.
  • Excellent wear resistance and adhesion on asphalt roads.
  • Intermix glass beads offer long lasting retro-reflectivity.



Components White
Binders 18%
Glass Beads (Intermix) 20%
Aggregate together with titanium 62%


Luminance 65% Minimum 76%-78%
Drying Time Not more than 15 min. <10 mins
Skid Resistance Not less than 45 47
Cracking Resistance No cracks on concrete blocks Pass
Softening Point 102ᴼ C (±) 9.5ᴼC 104ᴼ C
Yellowness Index Not more than 0.12 0.09
  • Supplied in 25 kg  Bag
  • Store the material in a dry area
  • Keep at room temperature
  • Shelf life is 12 months

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