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Solar road stud is one of the road studs,usually installed follow the road marking line, is used for indicating the road direction at night or rainy or foggy days.It is composed of shell , reflector,solar panel, LED and circuit board and so on.


It flash or be steady light at night actively, doesn’t depend on car light,make more longer visible distance,more clear visual feeling to driver,make driving more safe.

  • Solar road studs

They must be made of an aluminium alloy and plastic resin material that is weatherproof and sufficient to withstand a load of 13,635 kg as tested by ASTM D4280. Its colour can be white, red, yellow, green, blue, or a combination of these colours as specified by the Engineer. Its surface tension should meet IP 65 criteria for water ingress protection. 



Size: 132*122*22mm( shank 50mm)

Colour: Red/Yellow/White/Blue/Green

Light mode: Flash or Constant light

Auto-light control: 300--900lux

Full charge time: 12hours (under 100,000lux)

Working time: Flash > 120h, Constant>120h

Water-proof: IP68

Using temperature:-20℃~80℃

Load-bearing: > 20 Ton

Visual distance: >800meters

Warranty: 1 year

Service life: 3 years


Advantage of SolarVision Products:

♦ Visible more than 800  meters

♦ Reduces Accidents up to 80%

♦ Increases driver reaction

♦ Illuminates effectively in wet road conditions where traditional striping fails

♦ Eliminate Light pollution

♦ Low cost alternative to overhead lighting

♦ Recyclable

♦ Biker friendly

♦ Flush In-road Installation (2.5mm above road)

♦ Up to 400h endurance (with full accumulator)

♦ Uni / Bi Directional LED

♦ Maintenance free

♦ Easy installation, wireless free

♦ Autonomous solar energy


Function: Solar Road Stud
Dimension: 132*122*25mm  (Shank 50 mm )
Color: Red / Amber / Clear
Material: Aluminum alloy and polycarbonate
Specification: 6 pcs LED
Power storage: Battery /  Li-ion batter
Solar cell:  Mono-crystalline silicon
Temperature: -40℃~60℃
Water proof: IP>67
Luminous type: Flashing/Constant
Load capacity 25 tons
Viewable distance >800M
Flashing duration 7-10 days for flashing, 20 hours to constant



Box - 30pcs/ctn    N.W. 15.5kg      G.W. 16.5kg       Ctn size:63*53.5*16.5cm

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