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This is a specially formulated Primer that is a fast dry, acrylic resin-based to be applied directly to concrete, asphalt and other substrates. Once the primer is applied and dry, thermoplastic solid heat - applied traffic paints can be applied over it. The Primer forms a good strong deep penetrating base coat to help the top applied thermoplastic top-coat bond-adhere better to the substrate. It also forms a water barrier to protect and prolong the life of the solid thermoplastic traffic paint that is applied as a topcoat.


  • Solvent Based Coating
  • Caution Flammable
  • Quick Drying
  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Forms a moisture Barrier
  • Application with Brush, Roller or Spray Equipment

Packaging Size :- 20 Ltr.

Form of Paint :- Liquid

Packaging Type :- Tin

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