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Anti-glare screens are installed on the roads and designed to prevent a driver against glare from headlights of an oncoming vehicle. The role of anti-glare screens cannot be overemphasized when the question is the safety and life sustaining of the driver.

The main reasons for using and installation of anti-glare screens on the roads are road sections with dangerous and sharp turns, accidents at dusk and at night, unfavorable terrain.


Main advantages:

  • Increased traffic safety thanks to protection against glare, which includes the case of overtaking;
  • High safety in the event of collision with safety guard;
  • The possibility of rescue operations anywhere, the possibility to pass through between barriers with a litter;
  • Unlimited through view during the motion along the anti-glare screens;
  • Various options of barrier height and its attachment;
  • Simple and quick installation of construction.


  • 1 High strength, high toughness and good dimensional stability
    Tensile strength ≥180MPa
    Flexural strength ≥198MPa
    Impact toughness ≥240KJ / m
    Under atmospheric conditions without distortion and can withstand some external shock
  • Good weather resistance
    Our products are fiberglass glare board, except in the outer layer of the resin-rich, but the surface is also covered with anti-aging gel coat layer, resistant to strong ultraviolet light, corrosion resistant, natural ability to resist aging, no discoloration.
  • 3 Good anti-glare effect
  • Anti-glare panel section is "S" shape, the surface was matte, and can effectively decompose parallel light is diffusely scattered light, glare function effectively play. Optimization sectional design makes anti-glare panel more beautiful, economical, can reduce drag and snow, smooth lines can greatly reduce the psychological impact of the driver



  •  height: 665 mm
  •  width:  320 mm
  • Wear-resistant, resistant against corrosion and UV radiation, various chemical agents, various environmental influences.
  • Product operation is acceptable at the temperatures between -40 and +60 degrees.
  • Wind load on the system structure is 150 km/h.
  • Anti-glare screens have no sharp corners on which the people can get hurt.

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