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Convex Mirror

Traffic Safety Convex Mirror are ideal for any area where an unobstructed view is required. These Polycarbonate Convex Mirrors are easy to install and need to be placed at strategic locations to avoid collision of vehicles. The mirror faces are manufactured from shatterproof acrylic and come with heavy duty fittings, will provide years of maintenance free service. It enhances safety behaviour. Convex Mirror, Fish eye mirror in which the reflective suface bulges towards the light source and it's reflecting light outwards. We are one of the biggest Distributor of convex mirror in all over India.


  • Easy to install

  • Long Lifetime

  • Low Cost

  • Maintenance free 

  • One time Installation


Available Sizes

  • 18 Inch/ 450 mm

  • 24 Inch/ 600 mm

  • 32 Inch/ 800 mm

  • 39 Inch/ 1000 mm

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