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Drop on Glass Beads

The drop on glass beads will be evenly spread on the surface of the hot-melt paint at a certain ratio through the spray gun of the marking machine at the same time as the marking line construction.

Road marking glass beads are mainly used in normal temperature and hot melt road marking paints.

Features of Our Drop on Glass Beads

The specific gravity of drop on glass beads: 2.4-2.6g/cm3

Glass bead refractive index: ≥ 1.50
The roundness of glass beads: ≥80%
Magnetic particle content: ≤0.1%
The overall appearance of the glass beads is required to be colorless.
Loose spherical particles, clean and free of impurities,
Not contain an Agglomerate

Superior Reflectivity: Our glass beads are engineered to provide outstanding retroreflective properties, ensuring superior visibility in various weather conditions, both day and night. When light hits the glass bead surface, it is refracted and returned to its source, creating a reflective effect that enhances road markings' visibility. This feature significantly improves driver awareness and reduces the risk of accidents.

Longevity and Durability: Alcolite's glass beads are manufactured using high-quality materials, ensuring excellent abrasion resistance and durability. These beads are designed to withstand heavy traffic and harsh environmental conditions, maintaining their retroreflective properties for an extended period. The long-lasting nature of our glass beads guarantees reliable road markings, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and enhancing cost-effectiveness.

Optimal Size Distribution: Our glass beads are precisely graded to achieve an optimal size distribution, resulting in consistent performance and uniform coverage. The carefully calibrated beads ensure even dispersion on the hot-melt paint surface during road marking line construction. This uniform distribution promotes maximum retroreflection and adherence, guaranteeing clear and highly visible road markings.

Easy Application: Alcolite's road marking glass beads are compatible with standard spray guns used in marking machines. The beads can be evenly spread on the surface of the hot-melt paint at a predetermined ratio, simplifying the road marking process. This ease of application not only saves time but also ensures precise and efficient marking, allowing for faster road reopening.

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