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A Flexible Delineator Post is installed to support road surface signs where the danger of traffic accidents is high and attentions are needed by drivers. The Delineator Post spatially divides traffic flow in both directions, catching the driver’s eyes to warn them of dangers.

  • Clear visibility: Spring Post are tall and relatively thick pieces of durableFlexible PU Material , which makes them easy to see, even from the height of a driver’s seat. When you’re using Spring Post to keep your worksite safe, you can rest easy knowing that drivers will be able to see where your team members are working.
  • Cost-effective: One of the most significant benefits of delineators is that they’re among the most cost-effective traffic control products in Vermont. Unlike concrete or steel barricades, which can drive up your project expenses, delineators are both low-cost and versatile. You can use them for many different purposes throughout the phases of your project.
  • Effortless lane separation: You can use Spring Post to separate lanes both during and after a project. For example, you could permanently use delineators to differentiate a bike lane from the general traffic flow, or you could even install them along a high-occupancy vehicle lane on your highway.
  • Easy traffic manipulation: Spring Post make it easy to effortlessly manipulate traffic as conditions change. If there are areas where lanes shrink, or where curves are approaching, you can use Spring Post to guide motorists toward the safest pathway that’s likely to minimize the potential for damage.
  • Low maintenance: Made from a durable and flexible urethane, spring post are one of the easiest traffic control products in Vermont to maintain. Even if they’re hit by a vehicle, Spring Post will simply spring back up again. They require little to no care, and they can last for ages.
  • High quality Flexible Delineator Post

  • Easy to Install & High Visibility Barrier.

  • Very bright reflective sheeting that never breaks apart

  • A smooth, glossy surface that is dirt resistan

  • UV Stabilized Non-fading Colors & Excellent Rebound Ability.

  • Reflective Stripes for Night time Visibility.

Where to use Spring Post ?

High-Risk Areas: The Flexible Spring Post is ideal for installation in areas prone to accidents, such as sharp turns, intersections, pedestrian crossings, or construction zones. It effectively warns drivers, reducing the likelihood of collisions.

Parking Lots and Private Roads: Enhance safety in parking lots and private roads by using the Flexible Spring Post to designate lanes, restrict access, and guide drivers effectively.

School Zones: Improve safety around school zones by installing the Spring Post to create visual boundaries and alert drivers to the presence of pedestrians.

Road Construction Sites: The Flexible Spring Post is an excellent choice for road construction sites, providing a clear indication of temporary traffic routes and hazards, enhancing the safety of both drivers and workers.

Size - 780 mm x 200 mm 

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