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Made of tough, impact resistant thermoplastic body, reflectorized on either sides using fluorescent yellow prismatic sheeting, Alcolite Median Marker is a highly durable reflective product for medians.
Designed to take the rigors of natural weathering, the product make the medians extremely visible thereby preventing accidents and saving invaluable lives on roads. 


  1. Unique design
  2. Tough Thermoplastic Body
  3.  Excellent Reflectivity
  4.  Fluorescence Luminance
  5. Excellent Day & Night Visibility
  6. Superior Cleanability

Tough and Impact-Resistant Thermoplastic Body: The Alcolite Median Marker is constructed using a high-quality thermoplastic body, making it resistant to impacts and capable of withstanding heavy-duty usage. This ensures longevity and durability, even in demanding environments.

Reflective Prismatic Sheeting: Our median marker features fluorescent yellow prismatic sheeting on both sides, maximizing visibility from all angles. The prismatic sheeting enhances reflectivity, enabling drivers to spot medians from afar and react promptly, thereby reducing the risk of collisions.

Weather Resistance: The Alcolite Median Marker is specifically designed to endure natural weathering. It is built to withstand extreme temperatures, rain, UV exposur e, and other environmental factors. This ensures that the markers remain highly visible and effective over extended periods, reducing the need for frequent replacements.


Hight - 100 mm

Lenght - 150 mm

Width - 100 mm 


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