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Plastic Rumble Strips AL- 1009

Speed bumps are every motorist’s least favoured kind of traffic management. The safety of walkers is a problem whenever they are in close proximity to automobiles.

In the presence of aggressive driving, areas such as schools, playgrounds, and parking lots are extremely risky for pedestrians. Speed reduction is one method to avoid catastrophe in these places. and Plastic Speed Breaker are very affordable in pricing and also helpful road safety products in india.

Lower speed limits combined with speed bumps can drastically lower the risk of collisions or fatalities. Speed bumps and speed humps are real speed reducers on the road designed to slow down vehicles.

Application Areas

Ideal for Private colonies, hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, security check post, parking areas, loading sites etc.

Installation :

Required PCC filling, Epoxy Adhesive, Drill Machines & Fasteners Bolts.

Lenght - 500 mm

Width - 130 mm

Hight - 25 mm

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