Product Details

Plastic Speed Breaker AL-1004

Alcolite ABS Speed Breakers are extremely resistant to harsh weather conditions, these bumps offer high resistance to severe impacts. The dovetail interlocking subunits make it binds completely into one firms bump. The pre-colored materials(black and yellow) with the UV stabilized process result in permanent color which does not fade easily. Studded with Non- Breakable Prismatic Reflector Panels for Night time visibility with the angle set on 32 Degrees on either side, these are clearly visible for motorists in night hours. Also, these reflectors fixed on front and back help in identifying the location of the speed breaker from a large distance. 

Application Areas

Ideal for Private colonies, hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, security check post, parking areas, loading sites etc.

Installation :

Required PCC filling, Epoxy Adhesive, Drill Machines & Fasteners Bolts.

Length :- 250 mm

Width:- 350 mm

Height:- 50mm


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