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Speed bumps are every motorist’s least favoured kind of traffic management. The safety of walkers is a problem whenever they are in close proximity to automobiles.

In the presence of aggressive driving, areas such as schools, playgrounds, and parking lots are extremely risky for pedestrians. Speed reduction is one method to avoid catastrophe in these places. and Plastic Speed Breaker are very affordable in pricing and also helpful road safety products in india.

Lower speed limits combined with speed bumps can drastically lower the risk of collisions or fatalities. Speed bumps and speed humps are real speed reducers on the road designed to slow down vehicles.






1. Cost Effective

Speed bumps that are made from asphalt, metal, concrete are quite costly and can burn a big hole in your pocket, when you install them in the long roads that lead to your property. When you want to buy speed bumps in bulk, Engineering Plastic is the most preferred material as it is reasonably priced. 

2. Installation process

Unlike metal or asphalt speed bumps,  Engineering Plastic speed breaks are very easy to install. They can be dismantled with the same ease as well. On an average, it takes just about 45minutes to one hour to install a  speed bump. This makes it one of the most durable materials to be used in case of an emergency. These speed breakers can be taken from one place to another quite easily for installation.

3. Suits all roads

One of the best things about Engineering plastic speed bumps is that it can be used for all kinds of road surfaces. This makes it one of the cost-effective brands available in the industry today because you don't have to invest in different types of models for different roads in your area. Asphalt and other materials need different coats and polishing over it to make them suitable for the roads that they are installed in. When you use speed bumps, you can save yourself from spending these extra costs on polishes and coatings.

4. Visibility

Plastic speed bumps, when given reflective yellow stripes, become highly visible during the night hours, thereby helping you to drive safely and carefully. Since they are sturdy, they can stand all kinds of climate and are highly reliable in cases of tricky roads, rough terrains, uneven roads and the like.

At Alcolite, we are dedicated to providing effective road safety solutions, and our Plastic Speed Breaker - 750 mm is a top-of-the-line product designed to enhance pedestrian safety and reduce the risk of accidents caused by speeding vehicles. thats why we are the top road safety products manufactures in india.



Size - 750 mm x 250 mm x 75 mm 

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