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Reflector Delineator AL-301

A reflector delineator is a traffic safety device designed to enhance visibility on roads, especially during low-light conditions or at night. These devices typically consist of reflective materials mounted on a post or surface to make them easily noticeable to drivers.These devices are designed to withstand environmental conditions such as rain, snow, and exposure to sunlight. Durable materials are used to ensure that reflector delineators remain effective over time.

1. Reflective Materials: Reflectors are often made of materials such as retroreflective sheeting or glass beads that bounce back light toward its source.

2. Weather Resistance: Reflectors are designed to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring their effectiveness in rain, snow, or other adverse weather.

3. Colors: Reflectors are often available in different colors, such as white, yellow, or red, to convey specific information to drivers. For example, white or yellow reflectors may indicate lane boundaries, while red reflectors might mark the edges of a roadway.

4. Height and Spacing: Delineators are usually positioned at a certain height above the road surface and are spaced accordingly for optimal visibility.

5. Lane Marking: Reflectors are often used to mark lanes on roads, especially in areas where traditional road markings may not be sufficient.

Direction Two way Acrylic Prismatic Reflector
Color Red, White, or Yellow Combination
Height 750MM, 1000MM  & 1200M

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