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Road Way Indicator / Reflector Delineator IRC 2019

The roll of delineators is to provide visual assistance to drivers about alignment of the road ahead , especially at night . Delineators are particularly effective in the case of complex location involving changes in horizontal / vertical geometry , and during servere weather conition such as heavy rain , fog or snow . Normally , reflectors are used on the delineators for better night time visibility



  • Provide effective night guidance during night hours and in adverse weather conditions.

  • Improve road safety by providing directional cues by the Delineator.


  • Height - 1100 mm
  • Width - 100 mm 
  • Reflective Sheet - 80 mm x 150 mm x 3 Nos  Each Side
  • Reflective Sheet - T- 11 
  • Color - Black Powder Coating

Customized Specification will be available 

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