Alcolite for Premium Thermoplastic Road Marking Paints in India


Are you in search of exceptional thermoplastic street marking paints in India? Look no similarly than Alcolite, a leading manufacturer supplying premium solutions for avenue safety infrastructure. As a reputable Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint Manufacturer in India, Alcolite offers a range of products tailored to meet diverse requirements. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability, Alcolite stands out as a trusted name within the industry.


Alcolite's Eco range of thermoplastic avenue marking paints gives sturdiness and sustainability. These paints are formulated to face up to harsh climate situations whilst retaining their colourful colors, making sure clean visibility for drivers.


For projects stressful superior performance and longevity, Alcolite's Plus series of thermoplastic road marking paints are the ideal desire. With superior durability and resistance to put on and tear, those paints make certain lengthy-lasting street markings, contributing to safer roads.


Alcolite's Elite range represents the pinnacle of first-class and overall performance in thermoplastic avenue marking paints. Designed for high-traffic areas and crucial infrastructure initiatives, Elite paints offer remarkable durability, visibility, and reflectivity, assembly the most stringent requirements.

Drop on Glass Beads

To decorate visibility and reflectivity, Alcolite offers awesome drop-on glass beads that can be implemented along thermoplastic street marking paints. These beads improve the unfashionable-reflective properties of street markings, ensuring finest visibility, mainly in the course of nighttime and detrimental climate conditions.

Alcolite – Optimum

Alcolite's Optimum variety of drop-on glass beads provides advanced reflectivity and durability. These beads are engineered to maximize visibility and make sure lengthy-lasting overall performance, making them an important element of road safety infrastructure.

Alcolite – Omega

For tasks requiring premium-grade glass beads, Alcolite's Omega series delivers unrivaled performance and reliability. These beads are manufactured the usage of superior generation to obtain top-rated reflectivity and sturdiness, making sure superior visibility and safety at the roads.


As a primer specifically formulated for thermoplastic avenue marking paints, Alcoprime ensures right adhesion and toughness of street markings. By using Alcoprime as a preparatory coat, you could beautify the durability and performance of thermoplastic avenue markings, making sure lasting outcomes.

In end, Alcolite offers a complete range of premium thermoplastic avenue marking paints and related merchandise designed to satisfy the various needs of street safety infrastructure projects in India. With a commitment to satisfactory, innovation, and sustainability, Alcolite continues to set the benchmark for excellence in the enterprise. Choose Alcolite for superior street marking solutions that prioritize safety, sturdiness, and visibility.