Alcolite - Your Trusted Source for Speed Breaker Coating in India


When it comes to street safety, speed breakers play an essential function in controlling car speed and ensuring the well-being of road users. In India, Alcolite has emerged as a trusted and dependable name in the realm of speed breaker production. As a leading speed breaker painting manufacturer in India, Alcolite specializes in plastic speed breakers, becoming synonymous with quality, durability, and innovation.

Speed Breaker Manufacturer

Alcolite takes pride in being a main speed breaker producer in India. With a commitment to road safety, the corporation produces a diverse range of speed breakers designed to meet the numerous wishes of different avenue types and site visitors conditions. From residential areas to business zones, Alcolite's speed breakers are engineered to beautify protection without compromising on excellent.

Plastic Speed Breaker Supplier in India

As a prominent plastic pace breaker provider in India, Alcolite sets itself aside via a focal point on first-rate materials and meticulous manufacturing approaches. The use of long lasting plastics ensures sturdiness, and these speed breakers are proof against climate situations, ensuring they stay effective in numerous environments.

 Speed Breaker Manufacturer in India

Alcolite's dedication to being a most useful velocity breaker producer in India is meditated in its significant product variety. Whether it's city making plans, visitors management, or residential safety, the corporation's speed breakers are designed to meet and exceed industry standards.

Plastic Speed Breaker Manufacturer in India

The emphasis on plastic speed breakers underscores Alcolite's dedication to environmentally friendly solutions. Being a plastic pace breaker producer in India, Alcolite contributes to sustainable road protection practices via supplying merchandise that are not only powerful but additionally eco-friendly.

Alcolite's Innovative Speed Breaker Products


This version is a testomony to Alcolite's commitment to precision engineering. The AL-1005 combines sturdiness with a consumer-pleasant design, making it a preferred choice for various road applications.


AL-1007 is a flexible plastic velocity breaker that excels in withstanding heavy site visitors hundreds. Its strong creation ensures durability, making it a super preference for excessive-site visitors zones.


Alcolite's TPU Rumble Strips AL-1011 are designed to alert drivers successfully. These strips are made from Thermoplastic Polyurethane, providing tremendous durability and visibility.


The ABS Rumbler AL-1010 is engineered to offer an audible caution to drivers, improving road protection. Its Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene creation ensures reliability and effectiveness.

Plastic Rumble Strips AL-1009

For applications requiring rumble strips, AL-1009 gives a plastic opportunity. These strips correctly sign adjustments in street situations, contributing to twist of fate prevention.

Plastic Speed Breaker AL-1004

AL-1004 is designed for versatility, making it appropriate for diverse avenue sorts. Its plastic creation ensures a balance among effectiveness and simplicity of installation.

Plastic Speed Breaker AL-1003

The AL-1003 model sticks out with its compact layout, making it an amazing desire for locations where area is a consideration. Despite its length, it can provide uncompromised pace reduction.

In end, Alcolite has firmly established itself as a reliable speed breaker manufacturer and provider in India. With a numerous variety of innovative and green merchandise, the enterprise maintains to contribute considerably to avenue safety initiatives throughout the nation. Choosing Alcolite manner deciding on excellence, durability, and a dedication to creating safer roads for anyone.